Jill Biden Mocked on Twitter after Video of Car “Parade” Shows Very Few Cars

Jill Biden was mocked on Twitter after a video shared by her spokesperson Michael LaRosa he referred to a car “parade” only showed a few cars.

In the video the few cars drive by as Jill Biden and her husband wave. It’s unknown if there may have been other cars before or after but Twitter users still pounced on the appearance of a sparsely attended “parade.”

One might think Michael LaRosa may want to reconsider his use of the word “parade” to describe such a tiny event especially in light of Trump boat parades attracting hundreds and creating epic scenes.


Here is just a small sample of the responses.

“3 bloody cars. You can’t make this crap up. 😂”

“Trump gets hundreds of boats Biden gets 3 cars ha ha ha landslide 2020”

“3 cars does not a parade make.”

“That’s not a parade. THIS is a parade.”

Here are some more.