WATCH: Jewish Dem Escorted Out of Event After Trying to ask Tlaib a Question

Dov Hikland, a devout Jew and former NY State Assemblyman, was forcibly removed from an event hosted by “Muslims for Peace” when he tried to ask speaker Rashida Tlaib a question about what he considered an anti-semitic tweet.

OANN reports a former New York assemblyman was forcibly removed from an Islamic event for asking congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) about an anti-Semitic tweet.

According to reports Wednesday, Democrat Dov Hikind was kicked-out of the ‘Muslims for Peace‘ event at Rutgers University earlier this week.

He was removed after demanding that Rep. Tlaib apologize for what he called “blood libel” against the Jewish community.

Hikland tweeted:

Police just ejected me from an event of @Muslims4Peace at @RutgersU which was a fine event until @RashidaTlaib showed up. I challenged her about her antisemitism and spreading of an anti-Jewish blood libel! She had no answer for me.

They will never silence us!

Last month, Tlaib retweeted a false report alleging Israelis kidnapped and killed a seven-year-old Palestinian boy. The statement sparked outrage among the Jewish community.

“And we came out here to voice our outrage that Rashida Tlaib is permitted to speak in a university,” stated protester Karen Licktbruam. “She is a known anti-Semite, she’s a Jew hater.”

Hikind warned that Tlaib’s anti-Semitism may encourage dangerous sentiments in the Islamic community going forward.