#JesusMatters Trends on Twitter After Bevelyn Beatty Goes Viral and Wears Slogan on Shirt

The hashtag #JesusMatters has made the trending list on Twitter after a video of Bevelyn Beatty went viral where she wears a shirt with the #JesusMatters hashtag and chants “Jesus Matters! Jesus Matters! We will never support Black Lives Matter!” along with “Refund the Police!”


MMA pioneer Tara LaRosa wrote:

Hell yeah Bevelyn Beatty! Patriots and Christians, where you at! This woman needs an army with her! Mount up #BevelynBeatty #JesusMatters

Bevelyn Betty was in Brooklyn last night! #JesusMatters youtu.be/QiVfe2AtK2c

Boom #beverlynbeatty defaced #BlackLivesMatter mural outside Trump tower. So she gets arrested but the goons that have been tearing down statues for weeks are left alone in these blue cities. #JesusMatters


Not all Black Lives are down with Black Lives Matter. “Take A Look!” #JesusMatters