Jerry Jones Speaks Out on Cowboys Player Who Kneeled During Anthem

While appearing on 105.3 radio in Dallas, Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones spoke out on his thoughts of Dontari Poe kneeling during the national anthem in the Cowboys’ season opener.

The Cowboys went on to lose the game.

Jones said “I thought our players, I thought they gave it sensitivity,”

“They showed respect to Poe’s decision. I think they certainly did … show a sensitivity to our fans as ateam team. … All in all, I thought our team was very real and very genuine in the way it approached it,” he added.

Jones’ stance has clearly softened from 2018 when he famously said “Our policy is you stand for the anthem, toe on the line.”

(Video from July 2018)

This video was purportedly from the exact moment Poe chose to kneel.

You can see Jones’ facial expressions. Sometimes words aren’t even needed.