Jennings “Pathetic retreat from Afghanistan shows shrinking Biden isn’t up to the task of president”

In a new Op-Ed for USA Today, Scott Jennings writes that  the “Pathetic retreat from Afghanistan shows shrinking Biden isn’t up to the task of president”

Jennings, a Republican adviser and CNN political contributor, writes:

Alone under the bright lights of the presidency, Joe Biden has finally shown us the man behind the grin. A man who checked his watch instead of offering empathy to Gold Star families. A man who defaulted to dissembling and exaggeration when a nation yearned for honesty and clarity. A man who found the bottom of his personal deck after a lifetime of free passes from a fawning media establishment desperate to turn this midlevel partisan hack into something he’s not — a wise old sage just waiting for history to deliver his moment.

Well, the moment came. But the man didn’t. And a nation that is supposed to lead the world in defending Western civilization against the barbarians now looks inept and, perhaps, incapable or unwilling to meet the challenge.

God save us from whatever comes next.

It is often said that President Biden’s political superpower is empathy — the ability to understand others, to share in their grief, and to comfort them. Empathy from their commander-in-chief was exactly what Mark Schmitz, Roice McCollum and the other loved ones of 13 American service personnel, the last victims of our longest war, needed at Dover Air Force Base.

Instead, they met with a “bristling” president who offered a handful of “scripted and shallow” words. That attitude continued during Biden’s speech to the nation on Tuesday, in which a thin-skinned president angrily and incredulously defended his decision to complete our humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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