Jemele Hill under fire after suggesting she will lie to smear conservative singer Travis Tritt

Jemele Hill, who formerly worked for ESPN and currently writes for “The Atlantic” is under fire on social media after openly suggesting she will lie to smear conservative musician Travis Tritt.

Travis Tritt has been outspoken lately with his conservative political opinions.

Hill wrote Sunday  “I’ve been blocked by both James Woods and Travis Tritt. Had anyone asked me about Travis Tritt before today I would have said he was a nice guy based off meeting him at the Kentucky Derby a few years ago.”

She added “Now I’m going to re-tell that story and make him seem like a huge as*hole.”

Travis Tritt fired back Tuesday and wrote “Here is a perfect example of a blatant lie being crafted just because she disagrees politically. She is a contributing writer for The Atlantic.”

He then warned “She is telling everyone that she is going to lie about how she felt about meeting me a few years ago. How they lie is so disappointing.”

Twitter users fired back at Hill for suggesting she would be untruthful regarding her meeting with Tritt just to smear him.

“So you lack journalistic standards. Image that!”

“‘Makes him seem’?? Thanks for eliminating any last bit of illusion you are a journalist.”

“Because that’s what the Atlantic does. Yeah, we know.”

“So, you’re back in junior high school?”

“We’ll save this tweet for posterity then.”