Jeff Flake Claims “at least 35” GOP Senators would Privately Vote to Impeach Trump

Former Romney and McCain advisor Mike Murphy claimed during a segment on MSNBC that 30 GOP Senators would vote to impeach Trump if the vote were held “in secret.”

Now, former Anti-Trump Senator Jeff Flake has upped his estimate of the number to “at least 35”

FoxNews reports Former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake made a bold claim on Thursday when he said “at least 35” GOP senators would privately vote for President Trump‘s impeachment.

Appearing at the 2019 Texas Tribune Festival, Flake, a frequent critic of the president, offered his own reaction and predicted that close to three dozen Republican senators would back impeachment.

“I heard someone say if there were a private vote there would be 30 Republican votes. That’s not true,” Flake said during a Q&A. “There would be at least 35.”

Flake appeared to be reacting to longtime GOP political consultant Mike Murphy, who appeared on MSNBC Wednesday and suggested many Republican lawmakers in the Senate would support impeachment with a “secret ballot.”

“I can tell you this … one Republican senator told me if it was a secret vote, 30 Republican senators would vote to impeach Trump,” Murphy said.

Flake retired from the Senate in 2019. He has frequently criticized Trump, as well as the Republican Party, since 2016.

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