Jeff Daniels Faces Backlash After Comparing Trump Supporters to the KKK

Anti-Trump actor, and star of the “Dumb and Dumber” movie franchise, appeared on MSNBC, where he compared Trump supporters to the KKK.

Daily Wire reported that Daniels painted supporters of President Donald Trump and a “wing” of the Republican Party as racists (KKK comparison included) on Monday during an appearance on far-left network MSNBC. He also warned that the re-election of President Trump would be “the end of democracy.”

Daniels then compared Trump supporters to KKK members and suggested that believing they have good intentions is dangerous and enabling. Deadline reports:

[Daniels] cites a moment in the play when the KKK is coming for Finch and his daughter Scout recognizes one as their neighbor and compares it to when Daniels asked his fellow Michiganders about the 2016 election results and they said, “Yeah, isn’t it great?” He then notes how Finch’s defending his neighbors by saying, “I know these people, they’re good people,” but “he’s an apologist, he’s an enabler,” Daniels said.

Trump supporters used social media to fire back at the ridiculous comparison.

Graham Allen wrote:

First @JimCarrey paints an actual photo proving abortion to be murder.


Jeff Daniels compares @realDonaldTrump supports to the KKK AND says the Dem party (the one that likes to kill babies) as a party that “loves thy neighbor”

Is this the script to Dumb and Dumber 3?!

David Jobes “Guess Mr. Daniels forgot that the Democrats formed the KKK.”

You know who are really the extremist kooks? People like Jeff Daniels and Alyssa Milano and Jim Carrey and Jason Bateman and Barbara Streisand and the rest. They make extreme statements about others who disagree with them. Jeff Daniels compares Trump supporters to the KKK. Stupid