Jeb chimes in on Barr’s resignation, says “Barr is a man of great integrity…I appreciate his misunderstood leadership”

Monday, Jeb Bush chimed in on Attorney General Bill Barr’s resignation. Prior to his resignation, Barr faced intense ire from many Trump supporters for not disclosing that Hunter Biden has been under federal investigation before the election.

Bush tweeted “Bill Barr is a man of great integrity. Strangely, it is a good sign to be criticized by progressives if you are protecting executive powers and by the President if you aren’t intervening in the election process.”

“I appreciate his misunderstood leadership,” he added.


Rep. Adam Schiff had a very different take, tweeting:

Attorney General Bill Barr:

Lied to cover for Trump.

Launched political investigations.

Subverted justice and the rule of law.

And violently cracked down on protestors.

So good riddance.

Now, the work of restoring a credible and independent justice system must begin.