Jeb Bush Gives Trump an “F” Grade on Setting an Example for Younger People

Jeb Bush has come out of the woodworks for a rare interview where he gave President Trump mixed praise and criticism.

On the topic of setting an example for young people, Bush gave Trump a “F.”

NewsMax reports Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is calling for a return to civility in politics.

His comments came during an address in Hollywood, Florida, on Monday. They were detailed in a report posted by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, which said he likened the role of the president to part prime minister, part king.

Bush was critical of President Donald Trump’s “kingly” duties – the ability to set an example for younger people.

“The duties say if you can work hard and play by the rules you can be just like him … that’s an ‘F,’” Bush said. “That’s an important part of this, to be admired by someone that you look up to. This president doesn’t achieve that.”

And he said there is a need for leaders to place principle over personal preferences. He maintained the nation achieved leadership globally because many presidents did just that.

“They’re willing to undertake risk for a cause greater than themselves,” Bush said.

He noted political opponents can be admired even if their views are directly opposite your own.

“Don’t we all have friends that are crazy politically?” he asked. “But you have a brother or a sister that’s different than you ideologically, and you still love ’em right? So why can’t we translate that to a broader context?”