Jaxon Buell, Born Without Most of His Brain, Dies at 5 After Beating the Odds for Years

Jaxon Buell, who was born with most of his brain missing, has died at 5 years of age after defying the odds for years.

First Coast News reports he wasn’t supposed to turn 1 year old, let alone 5, but Jaxon Buell from day one defied doctors’ expectations. Born with the majority of his braining missing, his story inspired those closest to him and people all around the globe. On April 1, as his father held him in his arms, Jaxon Buell got his wings.

“He passed away very naturally, extremely peacefully and comfortably. He had already entered hospice care and it had nothing to do with the pandemic,” Brandon Buell, the boy’s father, explained. “It’s crushing to say goodbye to your child. It’s never natural or fair to have to say goodbye to your child. They’re not supposed to go first, but we are so grateful for the time we were given with Jaxon.”

While Jaxon Buell couldn’t communicate in sentences, his mother, Brittany Buell, and his father said they always knew exactly how he felt, and they watched in awe as he reached milestone after milestone.

Reaching age one would have been considered a miracle is what his parents were told when Jaxon Buell was born.

“So, what do we call five?” Brandon Buell said. “Any milestone or achievements were not likely. Being able to see, hear, laugh, smile, learn, remember, were initially thought to be out of the question, but Jaxon accomplished them all.”

They were given five years’ worth of memories Brandon Buell said will last a lifetime. His son leaves behind a legacy of strength, sweetness and a spirit that rose above everything else.

“Anything that he had to deal with, against all odds, he never stopped until the very end,” Brandon Buell said. “He never stopped being so strong and so sweet. That amazing, beautiful spirit that was within him and something that was so infectious to anyone who knew him. We are all better people for it.”

“The way he would call his mom ‘Mommy.’ The way he would call me ‘Addy.’ The way that he learned. The way he grew. The way he thrived on his own,” Brandon Buell, lovingly remembered his son “Those things were never supposed to happen. We were not robbed of anything. We were given years no one thought would ever happen.”

As his family reflects on his time on Earth, they consider each day with Jaxon Buell a gift from above. While they can no longer stare into his ocean blue eyes they will always remember the bright light he brought into the world.