Jarrett “Pelosi’s sham Trump impeachment is abuse of power for political gain”

In a new Op-Ed for Fox News, Greg Jarrett argues Pelosi’s impeachment was a “sham” intended to cause political harm to President Trump and not much more.

Jarrett writes:

Dripping with derision, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi exulted that President Trump has “been impeached forever.” “They can never erase that,” she intoned. If Pelosi had a football nearby, she would have spiked it.

Her celebratory remarks crystallized what the impeachment of Donald Trump is all about. Pelosi, D-Calif., doesn’t care about facts, evidence or what constitutes an impeachable offense under the Constitution. She cares only about bludgeoning the president for the electoral harm it might cause him in November.

This has been Pelosi’s intent all along. Impeachment was her political cudgel. She crowed about it like a pro wrestler who body slams an opponent and then celebrates by prancing around the ring. It was all staged, of course.

No one should be fooled by Pelosi’s shameless antics. She has wanted to impeach Trump since he took office. She admitted it during a televised forum last month. It was a moment of uncommon candor for a speaker who routinely traffics in duplicity.

At the same venue, she also repeated the canard she’s been peddling for months. “We don’t take any glee in this at all. It is heartbreaking.” Right. And don’t forget, she prays for the president. She seems obsessed with reminding us how “prayerful” she is.

Pelosi is the master of insincerity. On the eve of the House vote to impeach, she insisted that “politics is not even a consideration in this.” Really? Then why did she confess that she’s been yearning for impeachment since Trump moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Does anyone believe that whopper?

For months, Pelosi insisted that she would never condone a partisan impeachment. Then she engineered a partisan impeachment.

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