James Woods Calls Out The Clintons After Judge Orders Lawyers To “Destroy” Epstein Files

The Mix reports Hollywood star James Woods just courageously called out Bill and Hillary Clinton after a federal judge ruled that lawyers representing Virginia Roberts Giuffre must “destroy” files they obtained on late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

“Is there anybody the Clintons don’t own?” Woods tweeted in response to the outrageous ruling.

He tweeted this along with a link to a Newsweek article stating that senior U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska had ruled that Giuffre’s lawyers had come into possession of documents that they had gathered on Epstein improperly.

The documents were from a 2015 civil suit Giuffre had filed against Epstein. And, the papers contained the names of individuals with whom the billionaire conducted business.

Woods isn’t the only one considering the Epstein/Clinton connection:

Judge Preska ruled that the files “shall be destroyed” because they could only be used during the civil lawsuit proceedings, which had already been settled. Not stopping there, Preska also demanded proof that all the documents were destroyed.

“Counsel shall submit an affidavit detailing the steps taken to do so,” the judge added.

Attorney Alan Dershowitz Furious 

Preska issued this ruling after attorney Alan Dershowitz requested access to the documents. Giuffre has claimed that Dershowitz was one of the men that Epstein forced her to have sex with. Dershowitz believes these documents could clear his name and prove that he never did such a thing.

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