“It’s time to abolish it” Ilhan Omar calls for eliminating the filibuster

Monday Rep. Ilhan Omar shared a piece from the Washington Post and wrote “eliminating the filibuster will allow us to bring meaningful change to the American people.

“It’s time to abolish it,” she declared.

In the piece E.J. Dionne Jr. writes “the party must recognize that the Senate filibuster, contrary to happy myth, does not promote bipartisanship or constructive compromise by requiring most bills to get 60 votes. No, in the face of a radicalized Republican Party, maintaining the current filibuster rules means abandoning any aspirations to a legacy of genuine achievement.”

Dionne Jr. writes that without eliminating the filibuster Democrats “will never get 10 votes from a GOP that can’t even find a way to exile white-supremacist extremists from its ranks.”

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