According to new reports coming on Monday, embattled Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein has resigned from the Trump administration, which will go into effect in May.

Attorney General Bill Barr praised Rosenstein for his “devotion to the Department [of Justice] and its professionals,” which he called, “unparalleled,” while lauding Rosenstein for “strength, grace, and good humor.”

Following the immediate recusal of former US AG Jeff Sessions, Rosenstein largely helmed the DOJ’s lengthy probe into collusion allegations against President Trump’s 2016 campaign – frequently drawing the ire of Republicans and Trump, himself.

In his resignation letter, Rosenstein thanked President Trump, specifically for his “patriotism, unity, safety, education, and prosperity,” as well as “the opportunity to serve.”

From Fox News:

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who frequently found himself in the political crosshairs due to his role in the special counsel’s Russia probe and whose departure has long been expected, submitted his resignation on Monday to President Trump, effective May 11.

Attorney General William Barr in a statement said Rosenstein served the Justice Department “with dedication and distinction.”

“His devotion to the Department and its professionals is unparalleled,” the statement read. “Over the course of his distinguished government career, he has navigated many challenging situations with strength, grace, and good humor.”

In his resignation letter, Rosenstein thanked Trump “for the opportunity to serve; for the courtesy and humor you often display in our personal conversations; and for the goals you set in your inaugural address: patriotism, unity, safety, education, and prosperity, because ‘a nation exists to serve its citizens.'”

Rosenstein, 54, previously served as deputy assistant attorney general and U.S. attorney. He had intended to leave his position last month but stayed on for the completion of the Mueller probe, which Rosenstein had overseen.

In February, Fox News reported that Barr had picked Jeffrey Rosen, who currently serves as Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation, to take over for Rosenstein.

Rosenstein was part of a small group of department officials who reviewed the document and helped shape its public release. After Mueller didn’t reach a conclusion on whether Trump had obstructed the investigation, Barr and Rosenstein stepped in and determined the evidence wasn’t enough to support such an allegation.

In recent months, Rosenstein became a frequent target of Trump’s ire, after FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe described private discussions about secretly recording and potentially ousting the president in the days after he fired FBI Director James Comey.