“It’s effectively doomed” Dems vent and fume after Manchin announces he’ll vote against “For The People Act,” a Biden admin Priority

Democrats are fuming on Twitter after fellow Democrat Senator Joe Manchin announced he’ll vote against the “For the People Act” a Biden administration priority.

Joe Lockhart wrote:

Never been this disappointed in a politician before. Joe Manchin is voting against the right to vote. His real reason can only be if we elect more Dems he will lose personal power and leverage he has now. Like so many before him, power has stolen his heart.

“Star Trek” Actor George Takei tweeted “Joe Manchin has come out against the For the People Act. It’s effectively doomed.”

“Good morning and Happy Sunday to everyone who is completely DONE with Joe Manchin, who is voting AGAINST the For the People Act.”

Charlotte Clymer wrote “Joe Manchin is such a cynical coward.”

Joy Reid wrote “These arguments are completely disingenuous and I suspect Joe Manchin (@Sen_JoeManchin) knows that. His op-ed would have been shorter had he just said he favors the voting restrictions Republicans are imposing across the country. Hiding behind John Lewis’ legacy is just gross.”

In contrast, Republicans cheered the decision.

“Joe Manchin seems to be the only Democrat with common sense!”



“Can we trade Mitt Romney for Joe Manchin?”