Iowa Governor says she rejected Biden’s request to house displaced migrants in her state

Appearing as a guest on WHO-AM radio, Republicans Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds said she rejected the Biden administration’s request to house migrant children in her state from the border crisis taking place nowhere near Iowa.

Reynolds called the border crisis a “national security issue” and accused the Biden administration of being weak on border security and lacking transparency.

“We will not do that,” Reynolds told host Jeff Angelo about Biden’s request.“We don’t have the facilities. We are not set up to do that. This is not our problem; this is the president’s problem.”

“He’s the one that’s opened the borders. He needs to be responsible for this and he needs to stop it. So, at this point, no,” she continued.

“We have kids that we’re having trouble placing right now that are Iowa children,” Reynolds added “States need to take a look at that and not be inundated.”