Interviewer says Whitmer was “amused” when he joked it’d be “fun to watch” her arrest Trump

During an interview with Steve Friess, Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer was according to Friess, amused when he joked it’d be “fun to watch” her arrest Trump.

When discussing Trump’s rallies and those not wearing masks, Whitmer said  “uh, Steve, what am I gonna do? Arrest the president of the United States?”

Steve said he replied with a deadpan grin “it’d be fun to watch.”

According to Friess Whitmer in response “emits a real guffaw and takes a few seconds to be amused by the mental image before bringing herself back to the point.”

Whitmer continues “I’m being facetious, but one of the things that’s been hard throughout 2020 is people always want to know, what is the enforcement? What is the punishment? How do we make everyone do the right thing?”

She adds “governors across the country, Republican and Democrat alike, are struggling with that. None of us have unlimited resources and police forces to descend on every violation of every order that we issue. But the orders are important because people understand what’s happening and the majority of people follow them. That’s the most important value in them.”