Instagram personality says Trump’s 2016 victory inspired him to turn his life around

Fox News reports on the latest episode of Fox Nation’s “Isaiah Washington: Kitchen Talk,” the former “Grey’s Anatomy” star caught up with Instagram personality and community activist Larry Henry, known to his followers as KingFace, to discuss his tumultuous past and how it led to his support of President Trump.

” I mean, he comes from the same surroundings as me,” Henry said of Trump. “I think he’s like the people. I think he is the people … I think he understands the people.”

Henry said Trump’s past, which forced him to navigate everyday “human being situations,” makes him relatable to the public, and inspires citizens of all backgrounds to dream big.

“He comes from Queens, New York. He made mistakes, like he’s cheated … you know, he lived a certain lifestyle and he was able to become president,” Henry said.

“I did the same thing. I’ve cheated. I’ve did things. I’ve done bad things. So … when you look at a country where everybody wants to be politically correct … the fact that he’s going through regular human being situations and able to overcome it and be the president of the United States, I think that’s admirable.

“It makes people like me feel like I could be president,” Henry told Washington.

Washington opened up about his own decision to leave the Democratic party in an earlier Fox Nation interview, in which he blamed Democrats for “not doing enough” and pointed to their lack of action in the Black community as an example.

“I’m going to support the policy over the person,” he said at the time.

Henry’s support for Trump, however, appears to be far more personal.

“Jail, death, that’s the route I was going,” Henry said when asked what his future looked like five years ago.

Trump’s 2016 victory inspired him to turn his life around, he explained.

“I felt like Obama made Black people feel like they could become president,” he said. “When Donald Trump became president, it made the whole world feel like they could become president.”