“Influencer” Who Licked Toilet Seat on TikTok Challenge Says He’s in Hospital with Coronavirus

An influencer who goes by Larz who took part in the disgusting “coronavirus challenge” and licked a toilet seat, says he is in the hospital with coronavirus.

DailyMail reports a California ‘influencer’ has claimed he is in hospital with coronavirus just days after posting a video of himself licking a toilet bowl for a revolting TikTok challenge.

Larz, 21, who was also part of a craze which saw youngsters licking tubs of ice cream in supermarkets, revealed in a since-deleted tweet: ‘I tested positive for Coronavirus.’

The post which includes a video of him languishing in a hospital bed is a far cry from the foul video he posted five days ago of him licking a public toilet seat, which was captioned: ‘RT (retweet) to spread awareness for the Coronavirus.’

It was an imitation – or meme – of a reckless and abhorrent stunt by TikTok sensation Ava Louise. The 22-year-old filmed herself licking the toilet seat on a plane with the caption ‘coronavirus challenge.’

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan called Larz ‘scum’ and said that his catching the virus was ‘karma.’

It comes as the number who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the US soared to more than 55,000, including 784 deaths.

Morgan said this morning: ‘Karma is a strange thing. If you behave in such a reckless, moronic, selfless manner, karma will catch up with you.

‘I don’t take any pleasure, I don’t wish illness on people, but this has got to stop. These acts of reckless stupidity. That guy who licked the toilet bowl, did he infect anyone else?’

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