Indiana bill would ban transgender athletes from girl’s school sports

A new Indiana bill, House Bill 1041, would ban transgender athletes from girl’s school sports.

The bill’s author Republican state Rep. Michelle Davis said “this legislation is the result of listening to the concerns of female student-athletes and parents in my district and across the state. The purpose of this bill is to protect fair competition in girls’ sports.”

David also said as a former NCAA Division I athlete “I know the life lessons and opportunities competing in sports provided to me while growing up and as a young adult. This bill is aimed at protecting those same opportunities for Hoosier girls now and in the future.”

Matt Sharp, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, a national organization that supports House Bill 104 said “What we support is making sure that women’s sports are reserved for females, while still allowing every student the opportunity to play on men’s teams or co-ed team.”

“What science shows us is that there are differences between males and females,” Sharp added. “Those differences range from faster hitting speeds and running speeds.”

Jayne Walters, a transgender woman who serves as director of education for Indy Pride disputed the policy arguing “there are plenty of advantages that cisgender girls have over cisgender girls. That doesn’t mean that then we should disqualify those kids.”

Kit Malone, an advocacy strategist for the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana said “to categorically ban trans people essentially from participating in school sports according to their gender is unconstitutional on its face.”