In Major Swing, More Americans Now Identify at Republican than Democrat

In a major flip, more Americans now identify as Republican than Democrat in the latest Gallup party affiliation survey.

30% answered they identify as Republicans vs. 27% Democrats and 42% Independents.

August 30th of 2019 the tables were flipped, 30% identified as Democrats vs. 26% as Republicans.

The flips represents a remarkable 7% swing.

Bill Maher recently told Fareed Zakhari in a CNN interview “”The other depressing thing about this week is…at his best moment the Democrats are — they just look like the gang that can’t shoot straight or can’t run straight, and if they can’t get their act together soon it’s going to be over before it begins. I mean [Trump] won last time with nothing and now he has money, he’s been president … I saw 44 percent of Democrats think Democrats are going to win. No, we can’t.”

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