“I’m leaving, you guys won” Seattle Police Officer Quitting Due to BLM Protest Unrest

In a video that has gone viral on Twitter, a Seattle Police officer says he’s quitting due to the ongoing unrest from BLM protests.

In the video, the police officer asks an activist “you’re having a good day today?”

The activist replies “not really, you’re around.”

The officer says “Don’t worry about that because guess what. I’m leaving. You guys won. F*cking two months baby and I’m out.”

“You’re about the resign?” the activist asks.

“I’m f*cking gone bro” the police officer says.

Later the officer says again “I’m feeling great. I’m stepping down from this department. You guys won.”

The activist continues to taunt him “‘You triggered boy? You triggered” he says “Oink, oink. F*ck you and your blue life.”