“I’m Glad Brett was Confirmed” Blasey Ford’s Father Supported Kavanaugh Confirmation

Friday 2020 Democrat candidate Elizabeth Warren tweeted she still believes Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and that Brett Kavanaugh, like Trump should be impeached.

The “Trump War Room” responded with a story from the WashingtonExaminer noting Blasey Ford’s own father, Ralph Blasey supported the confirmation of Kavanaugh.

Per TheFederalist, Ralph Blasey, Ford’s father, went out of his way to offer to Ed Kavanaugh his support of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, according to multiple people familiar with the conversation that took place at Burning Tree Club in Bethesda, Maryland. “I’m glad Brett was confirmed,” Ralph Blasey told Ed Kavanaugh, shaking his hand. Blasey added that the ordeal had been tough for both families.

WashingtonExaminer reports Christine Blasey Ford’s father supported the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, even while his daughter testified under oath that Kavanaugh had attempted to rape her as a teen.

Blasey Ford’s father, Ralph Blasey had privately expressed strong support for Kavanaugh throughout his arduous confirmation process, according to the Federalist.

The report, conducted by Justice on Trial authors Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino, notes the absence of commentary on Blasey Ford’s behalf from her close family as she accused Kavanaugh of pinning her down at a high school house party in the 1980s.

The report recalls that Blasey Ford’s accusations were never corroborated by any of the witnesses she claimed were present at the time of the alleged attack and that her own memory failed to provide concrete details of the events in question. An investigation conducted by the FBI in light of the accusations also failed to provide any evidence of wrongdoing by then-nominee Kavanaugh.

Details of the report claim that staff and members of the Burning Tree Club in Bethesda, Maryland, witnessed Ralph Blasey approach Kavanaugh’s father, Ed, just days after his confirmation to the Supreme Court. “I’m glad Brett was confirmed,” Blasey reportedly said to the elder Kavanaugh while golfing at the club. Witnesses said that Blasey also expressed that the encounter had been hard on both families throughout the confirmation process.

The day’s exchange reportedly caused waves in the tight-knit community and allegedly echoed a similar letter that Blasey sent to Ed Kavanaugh. Though Blasey has never publicly acknowledged doubt of his daughter’s account of that evening, he did not participate in a letter posted to Twitter in September 2018 that expressed full support of Blasey Ford. The letter, which began “As members of Christine Blasey Ford’s family,” was not endorsed by any of Blasey Ford’s immediate family.

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