Illegals Appear in Texas Man’s Backyard, He Called 911 but Nobody Showed Up

A homeowner in El Paso, Texas called 911 when a “mob” of migrants climbed his backyard wall, but no one responded to his call for help.

American Mirror reported that through April of Fiscal Year 2019, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has apprehended 464,817 illegal immigrants at the southern border while another 163,377 presented themselves to agents at ports of entry or elsewhere. That’s a total of 628,194 – roughly the population of Baltimore, Maryland – in just the first seven months of the year.

In all of Fiscal Year 2018, the total was 683,178, according to CBP stats.

El Paso has been a particularly heavy traffic area for illegal immigrants, with 670 crossing there in a single day earlier this month. Most now come with children in tow, because they know U.S. immigration laws ensure they will be released more quickly with a “family unit.”

“This is an ongoing situation that Border Patrol Agents face in southern New Mexico and El Paso, Texas: Hundreds of parents and children are being encountered by agents after having faced a dangerous trek north in the hands of unscrupulous smugglers,” U.S. Border Patrol said in a prepared statement, the El Paso Times reports.

El Paso border patrol agents are on a crusade to try and deter illegal migrants from making the trek to the United States.

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EL PASO, Texas – A local homeowner is questioning how and why a group of undocumented immigrants was able to make it from the border to his home in the Lincoln Park area in Central El Paso.

The man said the group came running down Durazno street, with four individuals jumping into his front yard.

Ed Gonzales says he frequently sits outside his home late at night for some fresh air. “This is one of the more secure areas. You don’t have this kind of stuff here at night. It’s very quiet,” said Gonzales, “For them to all of a sudden come out in a mob like that, that surprised the heck out of me.”

Gonzales says the group moved down the street in front of his home. “I counted from that little group, of maybe 15 -20. Then shortly after, some more came by, about 10 or something like that.” said Gonzales.

Gonzales said what made matters scary is it was dark and late at night. Coming face-to-face with four of them who jumped this stone wall and onto his property triggered fear.

“I was here by myself, four guys here, and I was afraid of getting jumped. But as soon as I yelled at them a second time – vamonos (leave) – I could see the look of fear in their eyes,” the homeowner said.

Gonzales said he called 911, but neither police or Border Patrol showed up.

Gonzales cares for his elderly, bedridden mother in this home, around three miles away from the border, where he did not expect to see a large group of immigrants in this neighborhood.

Border Patrol officials have admitted  to ABC 7 during ride-alongs they are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of immigrants crossing the border and cannot apprehend all the immigrants.

Gonzales says running away from immigration officials is the wrong thing to do.

“I know the individuals that get stopped and ask for asylum, I think that’s the right way to do it. And maybe they should’ve done it. And if they hadn’t run off, maybe I would advise them to go turn themselves in.” added Gonzales.

Despite the scare, Gonzales says he will continue to sit outside his home at night keeping watch over his home.