WATCH: Migrant Admits to CNN He’s Exploiting the U.S. Asylum Process

An illegal migrant explained to CNN’s Chris Cuomo how migrants are exploiting the asylum system.

In fact, he even admitted his son was basically a “prop” to help him to gain sympathy so he’d be allowed to stay.

American Mirror reported that CNN’s Chris Cuomo recently went to the border to speak with the “refugees” seeking asylum from violent Central American countries, only to realize that’s not what’s actually happening.

Cuomo’s recent conversation with one migrant through an interpreter makes it clear President Trump and Republicans are telling it like it is: Most of the thousands pouring across the southern border are here for jobs, and they’re exploiting the asylum system to get in.

“Kudos to Chris Cuomo for revealing that what’s driving illegal immigration from Central America are job opportunities in the U.S. and asylum loopholes,” Numbers USA posted to Twitter with a video of Cuomo’s interview. “Very few have legitimate credible fear claims. This is how reporting is done. Congress continues to allow this crisis to build.”

In the video, Cuomo spoke with a man who came to America with his son and posed the very simple question: “Is he here to work, or is he here for asylum?”

“He wants to work, but if he gets asylum, he’s willing to ask for asylum,” the interpreter said after relaying the question.

“Why did he take his kid to come here if it’s just to work?” Cuomo asked.

“It’s what you and I were talking about,” the interpreter said. “He said that if he comes here with his son, then he’s allowed to stay.”

It’s a reality that many illegal immigrants are exploiting to gain entry to the U.S., and it’s one of several avenues that’s overwhelming Border Patrol agents dealing with tens of thousands arriving through Mexico every month.

Watch the video: