Ilhan Omar’s daughter defiant after adding communist symbol and “angry black girl” to her Twitter bio

Isra Hirsi, the daughter of progressive “squad” member Ilhan Omar got noticed by several publications including Fox News when she added a communist hammer and sickle symbol to her Twitter bio.

Hirsi also has “angry black girl” and her gender pronouns “she/her.”

In her pinned Tweet, Hirsi writes “reminder: just because you are a leftist/communist/socialist doesn’t mean you are automatically a good person.”

Reacting to a Fox News report about the communist symbol on her bio, Hirsi writes “gotta give it to fox news for attempting to smear me but instead making me sound cool”

Hirsi also replied to reporter Andy Ngo and wrote “every few months the right becomes obsessed with me, a teenage girl, for having political opinions lol please stay mad”