Ilhan Omar Reacts to Upcoming ICE Raids With Emotional Tweet Storm

Ilhan Omar responded to news that ICE raids will begin this Sunday with a tweet storm.

In her first tweet, she referred to illegal immigrants as “undocumented Americans” which may be a first.

are expected to begin this Sunday: **07/14**

Every person, including undocumented Americans, has rights if they are approached by ICE.

The @ACLU has put together a guide for your rights if you or someone you know is stopped and questioned by ICE. Read up on your rights and then share it with your friends and family:

These raids will dehumanize immigrants and tear families apart. This will not make our country any stronger. It will only traumatize children, destroy lives, and make our country less safe.

This country was founded on the ideas of justice, of liberty, of the pursuit of happiness. But these core beliefs are under threat. Each and every day. We are under threat by an administration that would rather cage children than pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Many responded to Omar, including Trump supporters.

I don’t stand with you. I shake my head each time you minimize our country. We are a republic, not merely a democracy. Everyone has a vote and voice. If you want to get closer to Americans, you can begin by apologizing to millions of Americans for how you minimalize 9/11.

If this country is so evil, why are you still here? We gave you’re homeland food and water and they shoot at us? I’m 1 of a handful who knows the truth about why it happened, but at the end of the day..the informant whos intel led to the mistake,the deaths was a Somalis

We voted trump in office to fix immigration but democrats block him Hopefully 2020 republicans can take back house gain more in senate and Trump can get things fixed He done good job with economy and making peace with North Korea He has my vote again just for that