Ilhan Omar Reacts Emotionally to News Texas Will Not Accept New Refugees

Earlier in the week, Ilhan Omar reacted to the news of Beltrami County in Minnesota choosing to not accept refugees by tweeting:

Over 20 years ago, the state of Minnesota welcomed my family with open arms.

I never would’ve had the opportunities that led me to Congress had I been rejected.

What Beltrami County is doing is denying refugees a chance at a better life

Friday, Omar got wind that Governor Abbott has decided the entire state of Texas will reject refugees.

Omar, responded emotionally by quoting the statue of liberty and gospel song “We Shall Overcome.”

“With silent lips. ‘Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.’”

These are the words that welcomed me and millions of refugees.

I still believe in those values.
We shall overcome

One supporter of Omar pushed for an elaborate “boycott of Texas.”

Time for a boycott of Texas. No taxpayer money spent by states with Dem Governors.

No NCAA tourneys, no Super Bowl, no World Series, no Women’s soccer finals/friendlies.

And companies need to start pulling out of Texas–tech companies need to move to refugee friendly states.

Another Twitter user wrote:

It’s about time we start taking care of our own citizens, especially veterans, first. You know veterans – the guys your colleagues were discussing the other day while you were acting like a middle school girl laughing on stage. You’re a disgrace.

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