Ilhan Omar Claims “We Have a Constitutional Duty” to Impeach Trump

Appearing on “Face the Nation” controversial Democrat lawmaker Ilhan Omar made the claim that “we have a constitutional duty” to impeach President Trump.

Some replied to the tweet and felt it was biased.

Mike Bailey wrote:

I was watching your program this morning and I’m disappointed to see that it’s still left leaning in it’s questioning of guests from both sides of the aisle. I’m not against tough questioning, but how about making it more equal. Let’s do away with bias.

Agree. That’s why I quit watching. Hard to find fair & balanced news these days

I didn’t hear any questions regarding taxes or marriage. Why does President Trump get asked in appropriate questions at inappropriate times, and Rep. Omar get punted easy questions, and always treated with ‘kid gloves’? THIS is why the media is often referred to as ‘dishonest’

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