Ilhan Omar Calls Living in Trump’s America “An Everyday Assault”

Somali refugee and newly-elected Rep. Ilhan Omar recently trashed “Trump’s America,” saying living here, there is an “assault everyday.”


Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar — a Muslim refugee from impoverished, war-torn Somalia — trashed the United States under the Trump presidency, saying living here is a daily nightmare.

“It’s an everyday assault,” Omar told Vogue Arabia. “Every day, a part of your identity is threatened, demonized, and vilified.”

Keep in mind that in Saudi Arabia and in many Muslim countries, Omar wouldn’t be allowed to leave the house without a male chaperone, drive, work, or vote.

And she certainly wouldn’t be a member of the federal government. Also, wife-beating is acceptable — and even encouraged.

If the United States Is So Evil, Why Is Ilhan Omar Still Here?

The question that America-bashing leftists never answer is this: If the United States is so racist and evil, why do millions of people risk their lives trying to come here? And why do they stay here?

Omar — an anti-Semite who repeatedly attacks the United States and Israel — then claimed that it’s President Trump who’s dividing the country.

“Trump is tapping into an ugly part of our society and freeing its ugliness. It’s been a challenge to try to figure out how to continue the inclusion; how to show up every day and make sure that people who identify with all the marginalized identities I carry, feel represented.”

Christian Church Helped Muslim Omar Move to United States

Omar and her family moved to the United States in 1995 from Somalia as refugees. Did you know that a Christian church sponsored the sharia advocate — all so that she could come to the United States and b*tch about it incessantly?

Omar has been criticized by other immigrants as a vile ingrate who attacks the very country that gave her refuge, freedom, and an amazing new life.

Contrast that to her homeland of Somalia, where women are often raped and then thrown in jail for reporting the rape.

Ilhan Omar: ‘The Hijab Means Power, Liberation’

In her Vogue Arabia interview, the sharia advocate also praised the hijab, saying it’s a symbol of female empowerment.

“To me, the hijab means power, liberation, beauty, and resistance,” she chirped.

Omar was dragged on Twitter for making that laughable statement, since most people know that Muslim women are forced to wear the hijab so they won’t get raped.

One person tweeted: “It’s been a symbol of humiliation and belittling of women, hindering them of taking social roles and degrading them to sexual objects and breeding machines. It wasn’t Hijab which made u powerful, it was education and living in a modern country.”

Another chimed in: “To my mom who has lived under Sharia Law for the past 40 years, Hijab means subjugation of women.”

The Geller Report reported on Omar’s comments.

So why live here? Why not relocate to a country more to her liking, such as her native Somalia, or Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia, or Iran? Or perhaps she would be proud to live in Gaza and participate in the “peaceful” border protest jihad. But of course, Omar isn’t going anywhere, and the Democrats have embraced her hatred of America. They have embraced and internalized it. It is part of what they are. The horror of the hate is very real, but we can be grateful that America is seeing this, hearing this, finally — the true face of the new Nazi party. The notoriously hard left enemedia has hidden the evil of the Democrat party for far too long. Scrub as they might, this is too evil to shroud.