HYPOCRITE? Lena Dunham Under Fire for Trying to Force a Kiss on Brad Pitt

Feminist actress Lena Dunham is under fire on social media for apparently trying to force a kiss on an unsuspecting Brad Pitt.

The far-left feminist actress apparently does not think the “no groping” rule should only go one way.

Social media called out Dunham’s hypocrisy.

Yuk. So a woman can go up and force herself on an obviously uncomfortable and kiss him, then brag about it. Nothing happens.

So @lenadunham forces a kiss on Brad Pitt, he turns his cheek to avoid it, she does it anyway. Why is it that if a man had done this, he would be crucified, but it’s ok for her? Where is the nuts?

I January, Lena Dunham bragged on the Jimmy Kimmel that she flashed Brad Pitt her underwear.

The video received more than 5 times the thumbs down than thumbs up.

Comments include “she’s literally the female Harvey Weinstein” and “Brad will need at least 100 therapy sessions now.”