‘Hypocrisy’: Schiff claims Trump DOJ trying to hide evidence in Mueller grand jury documents

Washington Examiner reports Rep. Adam Schiff accused President Trump’s administration of “dishonesty” and “hypocrisy” in its attempt to avoid turning over special counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury records to Congress.

“The President rants about witch hunts and claims he wants the truth to come out,” Schiff tweeted Tuesday. “Yet Barr’s Department of Justice has gone to the Supreme Court to avoid turning over Mueller’s grand jury records to Congress.”

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee continued: “To their dishonesty, you can add, hypocrisy.”

Schiff, who led the impeachment of Trump earlier this year, was reacting to news that Attorney General William Barr requested that the Supreme Court disregard court orders that Congress receive secret grand jury evidence resulting from Mueller’s investigation.

The DOJ cited “serious separation-of-powers concerns.”

An appeals court upheld a lower court decision in March saying Congress could obtain the material, which is believed to shed new light on Mueller’s probe and alleged abuses of power that Schiff and other Democrats say Trump committed.

Earlier this week, Schiff told the Daily Beast he was “shocked” by Mueller’s open testimony before Congress last July.

“I do think a lot of folks had projected on Mueller a level of aggression that was not present in that testimony ⁠— in that hearing,” Schiff said. “I have known Bob Mueller for a long time. I have tremendous respect for him. I think he is just an amazing human being and public servant. He was not the man that I knew, just in terms of his strength of presence, and so it was quite surprising.”