Hunter Biden admits his name was “Gold” to Burisma in new BBC interview

In a new BBC interview, Hunter Biden, son of President Biden admitted his family name was “gold” to Burisma and had a lot to do with his appointment to the board of the energy company while his father was VP of the United States.

“I think that they saw my name as gold, and the reason they did was this: Right at that time, the Russians had invaded and taken Crimea, and they were after the natural resources and the pipeline,” Hunter said.

“And I know that Burisma wanted to do one thing: They wanted to create a bulwark against that Russian aggression, they knew they had to expand internationally and into other sectors to diversify and protect themselves,” he continued.

Hunter then openly admitted “the Biden name is synonymous with democracy and transparency, and that’s why I said it was gold to them.”

The son of President Biden claimed he was qualified for the position, a claim conservatives will no doubt find contentious. He also acknowledged being a Biden in itself had “opened doors that wouldn’t be opened up to other people,” which he characterized as “both a privilege and a burden.”