HuffPost calls Rush “Bigoted King Of Talk Radio” in report about his death

On the day of his death, the progressive “Huffington Post” referred to conservative icon Rush Limbaugh as the “Bigoted King Of Talk Radio.”

Christopher Mathias, a Senior Reporter for the publication, tweeted “Rush Limbaugh was a bigot and a misogynist who saturated America’s airwaves with cruel lies and conspiracy theories for decades, transforming the GOP in the process. If you’re gonna read one obit, read @HuffPost‘s, from me & @nickrobinsearly

The report writes that Rush “saturated America’s airwaves with cruelty and conspiracies, amassing millions of listeners and transforming the Republican Party.”

One Twitter user fired back “Right on cue with the hate. You guys never disappoint”

Another wrote “classy real classy but what can you expect from huff’n’puff.”