House Republicans calls for Cuomo to be subpoenaed to testify on nursing home scandal

Embattled NY Governor Andrew Cuomo should be subpoenaed to testify on the coronavirus deaths that took place in nursing homes according to Republicans on the House Oversight Committee.

Kentucky Republican lawmaker James Comer and fellow GOP lawmakers on the committee have sent a letter to Carolyn Maloney, a NY Democrat, demanding the group “hear the truth, under oath, directly from Governor Cuomo.”

Comer alleges Cuomo’ office “engaged in a cover-up effecting those most vulnerable to COVID-19,” and called for Maloney to “immediately notice a full committee hearing with Governor Cuomo as the sole witness.”

“Additionally, we formally request a thorough investigation by the Oversight Committee,” the letter states. “We owe it to the thousands of families who lost loved ones because of Governor Cuomo’s alleged recklessness.”

The NY GOP tweeted “So far, Dems are all talk and no action. 60% of NYers know Cuomo did something wrong & legislators need to do their jobs. We are going to make sure they are held accountable. Strip emergency powers & conduct subpoena-driven investigation! #CuomoCoverup”