House GOP issue statement on Pelosi being re-elected Speaker “5 House Democrats just went back on their promise”

Moments ago, the House GOP Twitter account issued a statement after Nancy Pelosi was re-elected speaker.

Pelosi was reelected leader of the chamber on Sunday in a vote of 216-209.

The final vote was Nancy Pelosi: 216 Kevin McCarthy: 209.

The House GOP Twitter account wrote:

After telling their constituents they wouldn’t support Pelosi for Speaker last Congress…

5 House Democrats just went back on their promise and handed Pelosi the gavel for two more years of her failed and radical leadership.

Chad Pergram of Fox New news initially tweeted:

5 total defections from Pelosi now. She can only have 6 and be re-elected as Spkr. Dem NJ Rep Sherrill, Dem MI Rep Slotkin & Dem VA Rep Spanberger all vote present.

He later added:

From colleague Kelly Phares. Dem CAnRep Mark DeSaulnier will cast his vote for Speaker later despite not voting in the quorum call. So Hse will actually be at 428 mbrs. Magic nmbr for Spkr will be 215