House Freedom Caucus issue statement opposing the “Schumer-Biden-McConnell Infrastructure bill”

The House Freedom Caucus has issued a statement formally opposing the “Schumer-Biden-McConnell Infrastructure bill.”

According to The Hill:

Senate Republicans are about to hand President Biden a huge political victory by voting for a historic $1 trillion infrastructure package that the president can then tout as fulfilling a campaign pledge to restore bipartisanship in Washington.

GOP senators and aides predict as many as 20 Republicans — twice the number needed to avoid a filibuster — could vote for the legislation, which would provide the most funding in decades for roads, airports, railroads, drinking water and other priorities.

“I think everybody pretty much knows what they’re going to do. I think some people are trying to get to yes,” said a Republican senator who helped craft the legislation that was unveiled on Sunday. “So my prediction is 20.”

The legislation needs 60 votes to overcome a filibuster and make it to final passage, meaning no more than 10 Republicans are needed.