Hosts of “The View” Express Dismay Over Fans Booing “Moment of Silence”

During Friday’s episode of “The View” hosts Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar expressed dismay at Kansas City fans booing during the “moment of silence” ritual during the NFL’s debut game.

Sunny Hostin said “I got to tell you I was so disappointed and disgusted at what I saw yesterday. I just started to think Joy, is there no form of protest against racism that is acceptable?”

She continued “You know Colin Kaepernick was peacefully protesting by taking a knee and that was unacceptable.”

“People are talking about rioting and saying that that of course, is unacceptable. My friend Benjamin Watson who is a former NFL player tweeted out last night and he said ‘don’t kneel, don’t lock arms, don’t love each other, don’t empathize with your brother, don’t care about your country, don’t speak up for the vulnerable, don’t seek justice or righteousness, just play. And I think that’s really sad, like that’s just sad.” she added.

Joy Behar chimed in and said “I agree with that. They need to boo against racism, not against protests against racism.”