Hosts of “The View” Defend Biden Amid Allegations “what else can he do?”

Amid explosive allegations of sexual assault from Tara Reade, the hosts of “The View” appeared satisfied with Joe Biden’s denial on “Morning Joe.”

Per Fox News, “I think he’s done a lot,” co-host Sunny Hostin said. “I think he’s chosen to be accountable, he’s chosen to be transparent, he’s called for the Senate records to be released. I think what I would like to see is for [President] Trump to be more transparent and more accountable. We have what? 25 women who have accused him of sexual assault. I’d like to hear from those women.”

Whoopi Goldberg had asked if Biden needed to do more to address the issue.

Joy Behar said: “I think he’s done what he can do. He’s already asked for the transparency, he’s asked for an investigation and that’s basically — what else can he do?”

Behar went on to suggest that former President Barack Obama would have done an “incredibly thorough” investigation, uncovering issues related to Reade before letting Biden serve as vice president. She also responded to a call for Biden to step aside as the Democratic nominee.

“Absolutely not,” Behar said, before referencing Trump’s accusers. “I don’t hear anybody on his side saying that Trump should resign.”

Hostin also mentioned how Biden called on the secretary of the Senate to look into whether any records existed of Reade’s complaint against him, and if so, to make them public.

“I think that again lends itself to transparency — transparency and accountability, and I think that’s important,” she said. The secretary of the Senate has rejected Biden’s request, saying that she has no discretion to disclose those documents.