Home Depot Co-Founder endorses Trump re-election, calls Trump “truly Ronald Reagan’s heir”

In a Op-Ed for Fox News, Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus endorses Trump’s re-election.

Marcus writesTrump deserves a second term not despite his COVID-19 response, but because of it. While Democrats try to  “blame Trump for the roughly 220,000 disease victims, far more would have perished if Joe Biden were in office.”

He continued “Trump made the bold decision to block travel from China in January despite widespread criticisms from Biden, the media, and public health officials. He launched Operation Warp Speed that reduced burdensome regulations to develop a vaccine in record time.”

“He passed the Paycheck Protection Program, one of the most successful government relief programs in history, saving over five million small businesses and 50 million jobs. And he championed a smart reopening of the economy, which has saved countless lives and livelihoods,” Marcus adds.

Marcus blasts Democrats for their impeachment of Trump and writes “the media, never kind to Republicans, gave up their pretense of objectivity and lost all credibility by relentlessly blowing wind in the sails of conspiracy theories and witch hunts. Democrats in Congress pursued a bogus impeachment at the expense of preparing for the pandemic. ”

He also compared President Trump to former President Reagan, concluding “that Trump has held his Republican caucus and base, despite this unprecedented climate, is a testament to his leadership, charisma, and policy agenda. He is truly Ronald Reagan’s heir. He deserves four more years.”