Hollywood Celebs Vent on Twitter After Military Transgender Policy Begins

Hollywood celebrities had a meltdown online, after President Trump’s transgender ban officially began.

KCCI reported that more than 14,000 transgender service members will be permitted to continue serving provided they received a formal diagnosis of gender dysphoria before the deadline, NPR reported.

Transgender military members without that diagnosis will be forced to serve under the gender they were assigned at birth or leave.

In 2017, President Donald Trump tweeted that he wanted to ban transgender people from serving, saying that the military “cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.”

In a report issued last month, officials with the Palm Center, a nonpartisan group studying LGBTQ military issues, said, “The policy is insidious in operation but designed to be as comprehensive a ban as possible. In that sense, it is a perfect parallel to the failed ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy, also sold as not being a ban although designed to systemically push gay people out of military service — or at least keep them silent and invisible.”

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From Breitbart

Hollywood celebrities once again melted over a rule instituted Friday mandating that transgender recruits in the U.S. military enlist and serve in their birth sex.

Despite the hysteria, the new rule is not a “ban” on transgender people in the military as has been widely reported.

As Breitbart News’ Ken Klukowski reported, the rule, which addresses recruits and serving personnel who suffer from gender dysphoria, seeks to limit transgender people only “if their gender dysphoria requires in expensive gender reassignment surgery or other therapies that render them unable to serve for significant lengths of time. The specific military need is that those serving in uniform must be ‘free of medical conditions or physical defects that may require excessive time lost from duty.’”

Pop legend Cher went after President Donald Trump in her trademark style, roaring, “Transgender Military Ban Goes In2 Effect 2day. My [Heart] Breaks 4 The More Than 6000 Trans Soldiers,Whose life’s Dream It Is,2 Serve [America] & Protect Fellow Citizens.”

“This Is Another Example Of trump Pandering 2 His Rightwing Base.trump’HAS NO CONVICTIONS’..HE HAS VINDICTIVENESS 4 EFFECT.”


Ben Stiller and Wanda Sykes both changed their Twitter profile pictures to show their support for transgender people.

Actor Laverne Cox, a transgender woman best known for a staring role in Orange Is the New Black, also took to social media to attack the new policy.

Actor Billy Eichner roared, “Today is an infuriating and shameful day in American history. Backwards, unnecessary and truly fucking cruel.”

Don Cheadle and George Takei reacted to the news as well.