Hollywood Celebs Declare Biden the Debate Winner

Multiple Hollywood Celebrities took to Twitter to declare Joe Biden the winner of the final Presidential debate.

Patricia Arquette wrote “Mr. nuke a hurricane lost. #BidenWonTheDebate

Bette Midler wrote “#JoeBiden by a mile! No contest. Cogent, patient & so smart, alongside the dimmest bulb in the pack. What an awful man, & what a horrible presidency. His name will live in infamy. Which reminds me…is StephenMiller dead? Over 540 children will never see their families again.”

Alyssa Milano wrote “America of Trump. You can’t have both. #BidenWon”

She also wrote “Biden won. Pass it on. #BidenWon

Lea Thompson wrote “Jill knows #democracy is at stake!!! #BidenCares #Biden2020 #BidenWonAgain humanity knowledge strength truth”

Mark Ruffalo wrote “#BidenWon #BidenWonAgain”

Ione Skye wrote “Nov 3. You know who to vote for if you want a safe country. #BidenHarris2020 #TrumpLost