Hollywood celebs continue to spread negativity against Trump

Hollywood celebs continue to spread negativity against President Trump on Twitter.

Filmmaker and activist Rob Reiner wrote “You never want anyone to get sick, but if ever there was an “I told you so” moment, this is it.”

Earlier in the day he wrote “You can’t spin a deadly virus.”

The day before, Reiner wrote “That damn hoax.”

Comedian Michael Ian Black wrote “Praying for Trump’s speedy recovery so he can go to jail.”

Kathy Griffin wrote “I’d prefer you get medically treated at one of your ICE detention centers, but ok.”

Filmmaker Michael Moore wrote “As I wrote yesterday, Trump is a serial liar, surrounded by people that lie for him. They have no fidelity to the truth, to America or to our collective public health & safety. Despite the clown show ensuing at Walter Reed, one thing remains in our control, that we all must do…”

Actress and daughter of Rob Reiner, Romy Reiner tweeted “The look when you find out potus has the hoax virus” and shared a photo of herself looking pleased.