Hollywood Celebs and Dems Taunt Pence Over Upcoming Debate with Kamala Harris

Hollywood celebrities and Democrats wasted no time taunting Vice President Pence over his debate with Kamala Harris.

The vice presidential debate is scheduled for October 7. The event will be hosted at The University of Utah.

Patton Oswalt wrote:

Not cool, Joe. You know Pence can’t be alone onstage to debate Harris. Why put that poor, frail flower through all this angst?

Bess Kalb wrote:

My heart goes out to Mike Pence and the entire Pence family on the tragic news of the upcoming Vice Presidential debate.

Trevor Noah wrote:

EXCLUSIVE: White House officials are exploring legal options to ensure Mike Pence can participate in the VP debate with Kamala Harris, a woman

Alyssa Milano:

That Kamala/Pence debate is going to be weird. He doesn’t like to speak to women directly without Mother present, right?

Stephen Colbert tweeted a dancing meme of Kamala Harris and wrote “TFW you get to debate Mike Pence:”