Hirono blasted for calling nomination hearings for Barrett a “hypocritical, illegitimate process”

Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii was blasted by several conservatives on Twitter after she called the Supreme Court nomination hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett a “hypocritical, illegitimate process.”

“Let’s end this hypocritical, illegitimate hearing,” Hirono said “return to the urgent work we have before us, to help those suffering during this pandemic.”

In addition, Hirono spent a significant amount of time talking about her own battle with cancer.

Full opening statement.

Here is some of the feedback from conservatives on Twitter.

“Sens. Feinstein and Hirono are arguing policy. This is for the Supreme Court. This is not legislative hearing.”

“Mazie Hirono is the dumbest person in the Senate.”

“Senator Hirono should be speaking in a straight jacket from a padded room.”

“Never forget how Senator Mazie Hirono treated Brett Kavanaugh and his family.”