Hirono asks Barrett if her work on Bush v Gore “creates an appearance of conflict”

Wednesday, Democrat Senator Hirono asked Judge Amy Coney Barrett “do you think having 3 justices who have worked on the republican side on Bush v Gore, you’re one of those justices, should you be confirmed, creates an appearance of conflict if an election case involving a President who nominated you comes before the court and i’m basically out of time so i’d like a yes or no answer.”

Barrett told Hirono “Listen, Senator Hirono I answered that question before and said any question of whether there was an appearance of partiality probably would be one for all justices involved to consider under the recusal statute.”

She alter further clarified “What I meant to say is that in every case, judges have an obligation to consider the issues and they may conclude, ‘No.’ What I meant to be saying was just not to take a position.”


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