Ball: Hillary’s Smear Backfires, Tulsi Climbs to 5th in NH Poll, Harris Plummets to 1%

A new Quinnipiac University poll in New Hampshire shows Biden narrowly leading Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg.

What may be a surprising result to some is Tulsi Gabbard has climbed to 6% and Kamala Harris, once considered “top tier” has plummeted all the way to 1%.

Biden: 20%
Warren: 16%
Buttigieg: 15%
Sanders: 14%
Gabbard: 6%
Yang: 4%
Klobuchar: 3%
Steyer: 3%
Harris: 1%

The Hill’s Krystal Ball credits Hillary Clinton for Tulsi’s rise.

Ball writes:

Well it is yet to be seen whether Hillary Clinton‘s eventual endorsement will be at all helpful to the lucky candidate who receives it, but we can now say for certain that her anti-endorsement is in fact tremendously helpful.

Hillary’s smearing of Tulsi as a Russian asset has given Tulsi’s campaign a needed boost. In fact, a new poll has her at 6% in New Hampshire that puts her just behind only the top 4 of Biden, Warren, Buttigieg and Sanders. Still waiting for the neo-liberal celebrations that a woman of color is surging at a key moment in the race. By the way, top-tier Kamala managed only 1%.

So all of this means that Hillary not only gave Tulsi an assist in qualifying for next week’s debate, she’s also put her right on the cusp of the heightened December debate criteria. Tulsi now only needs 1 more poll at 4% or better to make it into that round as well. At this point she seems pretty likely to get it since she’s got an entire month to accomplish that.

Keep in mind, of the approximately 379,000 candidates who ran for the Democratic nomination, only 6 have so far qualified for the December debate so it’s really nothing to sneeze at. 

In August Tulsi Gabbard challenged Kamala Harris’ record as a prosecutor in a moment that most analysts concluded went very poorly for Harris.

Hillary Clinton has kept Tulsi Gabbard’s name in the headlines with their high profile feud and refusing to retract her claim that Tulsi is a “Russian Asset,” a claim Tulsi has vehemently fought back against.

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