Hillary says “we need a real President” urges followers to “work to replace him in November”

In recent tweets, Hillary Clinton writes “we need a real President” and accused President Trump this morning of “calling for violence against American citizens.”

The president of the United States is calling for violence against American citizens.

That is so wrong. We need honest reckoning and reconciliation.

If you haven’t already joined the work to replace him in November, start now.

Earlier, Clinton wrote:

George Floyd’s life mattered.

Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor’s lives mattered.

Christian Cooper’s life matters.

Black lives matter, and we have a lot of work to do to achieve true equality and justice for all.

Join @ColorOfChange to become a part of that work today.


Over the last 24 hours, the 100,000th American died of COVID-19 on Trump’s watch.

He’s spent the last 24 hours sharing videos that begin “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat” while complaining Twitter’s censoring him.

We need a real president.