Hillary says she views “Black Lives Matter” as “very profoundly a theological statement”

During an episode of her new podcast, Hillary Clinton spoke with William J. Barber, a supporter of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Clinton said she views BLM as “very profoundly a theological statement,””

“When you think about the very concerted effort by one specific political party to basically own Christianity … it overlooks the role of the African American church, it overlooks, as you say, a lot of theology, a lot of history, it also overlooks this moment in time,” Clinton explained.

She added “‘Black Lives Matter,’ I view as, you know, very profoundly a theological statement.”

Clinton explained that her new podcast series, by iHeartMedia is “a chance to talk about subjects that are too often overlooked and share the inspiration and education I’ve gotten from my guests.”

Hillary has taken criticism in the past for her 1996 reference to “Superpredators” which some argued had a racial connotation.